Health , Safety & Environment ( HSE ) Policy

We believe that health and safety of our clients, staff and the public is paramount.


The Company will:

  • Strive to attain the highest practicable achievable standards of occupational health for our employees and those affected by our activities.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees
  • Promote and encourage healthy lifestyle activities


The Company will:

  • Comply with all legislation, standards and approved codes of practice, relevant to our activities
  • Involve our workforce through training, participation, consultation and effective communication
  • Continue to enhance the safety culture that will deliver continuous improvement
  • Prevent recurrence of injuries, ill health, and hazardous conditions by learning from our mistakes
  • Recognize good health and safety performance
  • Oblige our sub-contractors to adopt similar standards


The Company will:

  • Continually promote the culture that will deliver sustainable development
  • Remove or minimize discharges, emissions and waste
  • Ensure that materials, process and products conform to best environmental practice
  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and use energy efficiently
  • Contribute positively to our clients environmental objectives
  • Oblige our sub-contractors to adopt similar standards of environmental performance

Our Executive teams have given their personal commitment to promote and resource the effective implementation of this policy.