Ghaima Engineering Private Limited Manufacturing has over ten years’ experience in making and designing quality cable tray and cable management systems including cable ducts, trunking and accessories right here in India. Our knowledgeable sales team works closely with each customer to provide quality solutions on time and within budget. Along with over ten years of quality customer service, Ghaima Engineering Private Limited is also involved in numerous organizations that further the betterment of cable tray production and installation.

GEPL has all the required technical facilities for the above-said items at our factory with relevant quality assurance plan. We are an SSI unit registered with Directorate of Industries, Maharashtra and have ample facilities at our works for manufacturing above said item and the total covered area of our unit is 23,000 sq. ft. Our corporate office is hardly 500 meters from the Mulund (West) railway station, Mumbai.

We offer cable trays in Ladder type & perforated type in a variety of materials and finishes. The cable trays are fabricated in Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum and also can be provided in Pre-Galvanized sheet steel. The cable trays can be given in various finishes like Hot dip galvanized, Epoxy or Enamel painted, Powder coated, or Hot dip galvanized and then Epoxy painted as per the requirement.

The standard length of a single piece of cable tray is 2500/3000 mm. Flanges of the tray can be custom manufactured according to the requirement of the client.

The cable trays can be ordered as per the project specifications accordingly we can customize the manufacture and supply. We manufacture accessories such as clamps, connecting pieces, z-section for support and installation of the cable trays. We can also offer galvanized earthing strips & galvanized steel structures.








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