At AGECL we have been in business for decades through meticulous and precise repairs, but we’re constantly updating the tools and technology we use. Our technicians can repair almost all A/C or D/C motors. You’ll find that our facility is fully equipped to take on virtually any repair job no matter how big or small. From simple bearing replacements to complete rebuilds, we’ve got you covered.  Some repairs require machine work on endbells or motor shafts.  Our skilled machinists perform precise machine work to ensure the repair work is as good as it can be.  We have the ability to nickel + chrome spray shafts and machine them back to their original specs.


Role :
  • Initial inspection
  • Declaring found damages
  • Repair work to be reported through a filled in required work sheet (Job Card).


Role :
  • Inspecting physically & using calibrated measuring instruments to determine the wear & tear, found upon initial inspection
  • To carry out high tolerance repair. (All repair works are carried out only after filling in a required work sheet (Job Card).


Role :
  • Testing all windings (A.C. & D.C)
  • Reporting through a filled in required work sheet (Job Card). Recording all data related to the specific job at hand.
  • Recording all different tests values before & after planned procedural works .
  • Recording all winding data (after rewinding )
  • Preparing test reports for every division job carried out.


Role :
  • Recording winding data.
  • Modifying winding data.
  • Carrying out all tests & planned procedural works upon notification.