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About Company

Established in 1985, the Ghaima Group of Companies is a privately owned business with over 25 years of experience in the Middle East providing a complete solution for all your engineering needs from services in the range of electromechanical & marine engineering.

AL GHAIMA ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED have gained a reputation of reliability in high precision field of Electric Motors, Submersible Pump Motors, Generators, Compressors and Transformers. Whether they are small or large, rewinding AC / DC electric motor (and rotors) is more than just a service, it is a craft. Highly skilled craftsmen were absolutely vital to every step of the rewind process.

At AGECL, we have worked hard over many years to refine the art of rewinding electric motors. The result of our extensive experience and research is unparalleled quality, which allows us to offer our customers a standard 12-month Warranty on motor rewinds up to 11kv AC.  The company which is based in SHARJAH -( United Arab Emirates) has an excellent track record, justifiably earned, by keeping up to date with technological trends both in materials and equipment.

AGECL is equipped with a comprehensive array of winding and testing equipment for handling all sizes of electric motors, generators, compressors and transformers both L.V. and H.V. and both A.C and D.C. motors. AGECL is also fully equipped to carry out all types of mechanical repairs with all the required machining facilities, spray metaling with various coatings and dynamic balancing of rotating parts up to 10 tons.

At AGECL, we knew that it was one thing to talk about quality, and it was quite another to back it up.  So, while our competition had kept themselves very busy talking about quality, AGECL had been quietly busy delivering quality. It's a big difference in business philosophy, and one that our customers appreciate.

Role :
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Qualifying suppliers on products supplied to AL GHAIMA ENGINEERING.
  • Preparing quotes (for buying)
  • Preparing quotes to our customers.
  • Controlling supply of quality confirmed & non quality confirmed materials.
Role :
Facilitate all operational works carried out through a planned procedural. Our team consists of highly skilled
  • Mechanical fitters
  • Machinist
  • H.V. & L.V winders (A.C. / D.C.)
  • Procurement & Management team.


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